What Are Terpenes and Why Are They Important In CBD?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | CBD Oil, Terpenes

What terpenes are and why are they important in CBD?

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds responsible for the smell of many plants, herbs, and also in some animals. Though we mostly associate terpenes with cannabis plants, they can be found in many different plant species, and some animal species, as well.

In fact, we humans eat foods with terpenes on daily basis. Several citrus fruits and vegetables get their smell and taste from the terpenes they contain. Some of the most common smells and tastes that come from terpenes are orange peels, pine smell, lavender, and also cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants contain high concentrations of terpenes and this is the main reason why many people commonly associate the two together.

Terpenes also help some plants by attracting pollinators, while in some plants, terpenes are responsible for the horrible smell of some plants and animals, protecting them from predators.

Another role that terpenes play in plants is to help them recover from damage, while others act as a part of the immune system to keep away the infectious germs from plants.

What Are Terpenes Used For?

Some of the most common uses for terpenes are in CBD products because they help to provide the therapeutic effects of CBD.

The flavors and scents of many products used on daily basis such as perfumes, body products, and even foods, are derived from isolated terpenes.

 Terpenes are the ones mainly responsible for the aroma and taste of cannabis plants. It is said that there are more than 200 terpenes present in cannabis plants. Some of them are very powerful and believed to have some therapeutic effects, just like cannabinoids.

In relation to CBD products, terpenes enhance their flavor and aroma, as well as their therapeutic properties.

Entourage Effect

Therapeutic effects of CBD are enhanced by terpenes and flavonoids in a process called the “entourage effect” (also applies to THC). This is the theory believed by researchers that taking CBD or THC along with terpenes and flavonoids may provide additional therapeutic benefits compared to using CBD or THC alone.

The combination of an adequate dose of CBD with flavonoids and the right terpenes is said to be the key to helping many conditions such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Also, put in mind that not all CBD oils contain terpenes. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are the ones that contain terpenes and other cannabinoids, while isolates only contain CBD and no other ingredients.

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Most Common Terpenes in CBD

As mentioned before, there are more than 200 terpenes present in cannabis plants, but let’s take a look at the most common terpenes in CBD.

This is considered the most abundant terpene in cannabis plants and is also known to have a wide range of medicinal and health uses and benefits. Beta-Caryophyllene is also known to have pain reliever properties, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial properties, itchy skin relief, helps in calming down, in lifting the mood, and in decreasing anxiety.

This terpene is known to be one of the most abundant in nature, and it is the terpene responsible for the aroma of pine trees. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, as a bronchodilator, and helps in memory improvement. It can also be found in pine trees, coniferous trees, and rosemary.

This terpene is also very abundant in cannabis plants and also known to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic helps promote cell apoptosis, a mild sedative, and aids in achieving excellent sleep.

Is considered one of the most common and most aromatic terpenes and is also known as the second most abundant terpene in nature.

It is the terpene responsible for giving lemons and other citrus fruits their aroma. Limonene is known to have many health-improving properties like being an anti-septic, immunostimulant, gastric protectant, cancer prevention or treatment aid, and high bioavailability. It can also be found in oranges, lemons, grapefruits, berries, caraway, dill, bergamot, peppermint, and spearmint.

This terpene is not highly abundant in cannabis plants, but it is the terpene responsible for lavender’s relaxing effects. It is known to help in reducing anxiety, a mild sedative, anti-convulsant, and pain reliever. 

It can also be found in lavender, mints, cinnamon, rosewood, citrus fruits, birch trees, and fungi.

But as always, before using any CBD products, make sure to consult your doctor first and to source your CBD from reliable and trusted sources.


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